Graphene & 2DM eureka cluster


The “Graphene & 2D Materials” EUREKA cluster is defined as a complementary enabling and accelerator instrument in the European scene, fully piloted by industries to further take graphene from the mature research developed at academic laboratories into the European society in the space of 5 years, boosting economic growth, jobs creation and international leadership and investment attractiveness. This cluster will help Europe having a more dominant position in graphene patenting, will deploy the proper winning industrial strategies to gain worldwide competitiveness, and will ensure that for all promising industrial sectors of technology innovation, a fully integrated EU-value chain is established, integrating into consortia the relevant actors from low to high Technology Readiness Levels (TRL). 


EUREKA is a network that helps companies, research institutes or universities to bring their innovation to the market.
It is present in over 40 countries and remains to this day the only initiative of its kind committed to the ‘bottom-up’principle - ensuring that any R&D project with a good business plan receives the support it deserves, independent of its technological nature, or the type of organisations involved.

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