QURV becomes ICFO’s 8th Spin-off [August 28, 2020]

ICFO announces the launch of new spin-off that develops wide-spectrum image sensor technologies and integrated solutions to enable enhanced computer vision applications

EUREKA Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects On Advanced Materials [March 03, 2020]

European industries lead new Graphene Flagship commercialisation projects [January 10, 2020]

The Graphene Flagship and leading European industries will co-fund a total of € 92 million to catalyse the commercialisation of graphene-enabled products. Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon-based material with unique properties and many applications.

Jose A. Garrido’s vision: graphene bioelectronic eye implants [December 11, 2019]

Graphene Flagship researcher Jose A. Garrido reveals his gameplan to bring graphene-based bioelectronic retinal implants to the forefront of medicine